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Marriage Coaching in Chicago

Making Great Relationships Better!


Whether you are thinking of getting married, are about to be married or have already "tied the Knot," I would love to help you create the most wonderful relationship possible!  With over 25 years' experience in guiding clients to lead fuller and more purposeful lives, my  mission is to help couples examine the gap between where they are today and where they dream of being tomorrow. Together, we will take an inventory of your current reality, identifying areas of strength as well as areas of disappointment and frustration. Together we will set Marriage Coaching goals and aim for the possible -- however improbable that may seem to be! 

I can help you:

* Identify strengths and weaknesses in your relationship

* Name what each of you finds most attractive in the other

* Recognize the "triggers" that cause tension between you 

* Discover more effective ways of communicating

* Develop healthy strategies for getting along with in-laws

* Deal with negative patterns of behavior

* Negotiate what can be tolerated and what cannot be tolerated

* Explore cultural and religious differences

* Discuss effective ways of blending children from other relationships into your family

* Establish shared goals for your life together 

* Create a plan and timeline for accomplishing these shared goals

* Discern whether or not marriage is for you

and more.........

I am ready to work with you in person or by telephone. In addition to Relationship Coaching, I also offer Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling for those who wish to explore the deeper dimensions of their faith commitment and what it means in terms of their relationship. A member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI)  and of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I am a Board-Certified Life Coach (BCC)/ Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  who has offered inner guidance since 1989; I have also trained others in the sacred art of listening and am on faculty at the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT). I would be more than happy to listen to you and help you explore dreams and set goals for the future!   I work extensively with people from all faith traditions, as well as with couples without a formal religious affiliation.

In terms of Fees, I want Marriage Coaching to be affordable because I believe in it. My fee is $125 per hour session, discounted to $115 per hour if you purchase a pre-paid package of 3 sessions ($345). For more information about Marriage Coaching, please visit https://www.elizabethannestewart.com

If you have a great relationship, why not invest in making it better?

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Marriage Coaching is not therapy. It is not about "fixing" individuals or couples; rather, it is about helping clients make powerful choices which will benefit themselves, their loved ones, and, ultimately, the world.  Life Coaching is not about what has happened in the past, but about the future you dream of living. If you decide to work with me, mediocrity, "getting by" and being just like every other couple are not options! 

Relationship Coaching Documents

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