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Wedding Ceremony Choices

Getting Started

For many couples, planning a ceremony can seem  overwhelming . Typically, couples know whether they want to exchange personal vows or whether they want to say as little as possible; sometimes, they have already made music and reading selections but beyond that, the ceremony is a blank slate. This is where I come in!  Please watch my video  to  learn about my wedding officiating options:



$650/ $800 for a completely personalized Wedding Ceremony that can be religious or secular but always fun! The ceremony can be as long or as short as you wish! This option is for couples who want to be involved in the planning process so that the ceremony truly reflects your shared vision and dreams, as well as your history together. After you have browsed through my complimentary E Book on ceremony planning, Great Ceremonies for Savvy Couples, I will create your ceremony using a Personal Questionnaire, a Ceremony Worksheet, an optional Couple's Compatibility Quiz and your input from our planning meeting; you get to make suggestions, proof the draft and request any changes.  The possibilities are as open as you are!  The higher price applies if you want your unique Love Story included! For an example of a humorous Love Story created for two stand-up comedians, watch Cheryl and Justin's Love Story!  


Love Stories can also be romantic, inspirational, traditional and interactive-- or a mixture of  all of the above!


A "One of a Kind" ceremony includes:

        *  A 1-1.5 hour planning meeting in downtown Chicago

        * Phone conversations and email exchanges in response to drafts of the ceremony.

        * Your names and the names of any children will be used throughout the ceremony

        * Your choice of a secular, spiritual or religious ceremony

        * A Theme that can be seamlessly woven throughout the ceremony

        * The inclusion of Cultural or Religious Elements/Traditions

        * The inclusion of other languages

        * Special mention of your children or absent friends and deceased relatives

        * A "Welcome" tailor-made to your guests

        * A  "Processional" that can be as creative or traditional as you wish

        * Options for "The Presentation" of Bride & Groom

        * Options for "The Consent"

        * Your choice of Readings and Readers

        * A completely personalized "Address"  (Storytelling) based on your input (ceremonies with this option are $800)

        * Personal Vows (or love statements) or standard vows or both!

        * One or two rituals of your choice which we can create from scratch or adapt from a standard ritual

        * Your choice of the final "Blessing"

        * A  "Recessional" that can be as creative or traditional as you wish

        * You get to see the first draft of the ceremony at least a month before your wedding

        * Contact by phone and email as necessary


$550 for a standard  Wedding Ceremony that can be religious or secular. This option is for those who want a short ceremony that is both fun and heartfelt but who want to be minimally involved in the planning process. It may surprise you that my version of a "Standard Ceremony" is what many other Wedding Officiants would describe as "Personalized"; your ceremony will not feel "cookie cutter" at all as my style is warm and highly personal.  You will also have choices that will make your ceremony feel unique to you and your partner. 


A "Short & Sweet" ceremony includes:

        * Your names will be used throughout the ceremony

        * Your choice of a secular, spiritual or religious ceremony

        * Special mention of your children, if any,  absent friends or deceased relatives

        * You get to choose one reading from a list of suggested readings

        * You can include a traditional ritual such as The Rose Ceremony, The Sand Ceremony, The Unity Candle or Jumping the Broom....

        * Pre-set Welcome, Consent, Exchange of Rings, Final Blessing and Pronouncement 

        * Standard Vows or Personal Vows -- your choice!

        * You get to see a draft of the ceremony at least a month before your wedding

        * Contact by phone and email as necessary. Most of the planning process will be done electronically; if possible, I will try to meet with you in person for our planning session.

Learn More

You can learn more about  my ceremony options by going to the drop down page, Ceremony  FAQs. You may also be interested to know that I work with a wonderful interpreter to offer bi-lingual ceremonies in Spanish or German. I also offer photography packages for small weddings, as well as engagement and anniversary shoots. 

I also offer Virtual Weddings via Zoom or via your own platform.